How to Recover Deleted NTFS Partition?

NTFS is the most popular type of file system, which is been used now days in Windows operating systems. It’s popular due to high speed access of data. But, have you ever faced such type of situation where you lost NTFS partition on Windows PC? Some of the users of Windows PC surely might have come across this situation. In such case, in order to carry out NTFS partition recovery, one has to make use of hard drive partition recovery software.

Usually deletion of NTFS partition from system takes place accidentally. Many of the users have habit of re-partitioning their hard drives whenever they need. Sometimes it so happens that, while re-partitioning the hard drive using disk utility or by other means, users accidentally delete existing NTFS partition on hard disk. Many times users try to change the size of their old partitions or they want to emerge two drives into one. But, doing this often they delete the old NTFS partition. If they found that old NTFS partition is important, then in order to carry out disk partition recovery, they have to choose NTFS partition recovery tool. This tool can also recover accidentally deleted data from NTFS partitions on Dell Inspiron Duo laptop and other systems.

Partition table corruption due to various reasons, also leads into deletion of NTFS partitions on Windows OS. There are many reasons that cause partition table corruption. Boot sector viruses is the main reason for this, which corrupt important components of memory boot record resulting into partition table corruption and deletion of some of the important NTFS partitions on disk. In this situation disk partition recovery tool can recover partitions on various hard drives as well as portable drives which include, retrieve deleted partitions on Iomega Helium portable hard disk. In case if user is working on a dual boot system, then also there are chances of the boot loader getting corrupted, ultimately resulting in NTFS partition deletion. If user deletes any file related to operating system accidentally, then also partition table corruption can take place where important NTFS partitions may get delete. Similarly, if you want to recover FAT partition click here.

There are many other ways through which partition table gets corrupted. The reasons are operating system malfunction or usage of unreliable third party applications. Viruses in system also can cause partition table corruption. All these scenarios of partition table corruption lead into deletion of NTFS partition. The other reasons of NTFS partition deletion are sudden power failure or accidental system shutdown. Here, in order to carryout missing NTFS partition recovery one has to make use of disk partition recovery software. Apart from deleted disk partition recovery, this tool also helps to retrieve partitions from formatted hard disk drives. The tool also can restore data from accidentally formatted partitions of WD Elements 2TB portable hard disk and from other external hard drives.

The errors or interruptions caused during file conversions even causes NTFS partition deletion. In this case, disk partition recovery software offers best recovery solution for NTFS partition recovery. NTFS partition recovery facilitates to retrieve partitions from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives. This tool is also available for Mac OS where using this tool one can easily recover deleted music files from MacBook Air running OS X Mountain Lion and other Mac operating systems.

Procedure to deleted recover NTFS partition:

1: Download and install the demo version of Disk Partition Recovery software. After launching the recovery software, select "Recover Partitions/Drives" option from the main menu and later choose "Partition Recovery".

NTFS Partition Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Home Window

2: You will be told to choose the drive to recover NTFS partition as demonstrated in Figure 2. Select the disk from where you need to recover NTFS partition and click on "Next" button.

NTFS Partition Recovery - Choose Drive

Figure 2: Select the Partition

3: After partition recovery process, recovered NTFS partition will be displayed for user's preview. Evaluate the recovered results using preview option of the tool as shown in Figure 3.

NTFS Partition Recovery - Preview Screen

Figure 3: Recovered Partition Preview

4. If you are satisfied with results obtained using demo version, buy the licensed version to save recovered files.