Restoration of Windows 7 Partition

Have you lost your data from Windows 7 OS partitions? On the other hand, if you have lost your data while restoring. Then you do not have to worry about any data loss to your any of partition files. Disk Partition Recovery tool does it all the work for you. Salvaging data from any of your disk partition is easier task for you without worry. With this tools entire drive can be scanned and recover within few minutes. Save data from formatted partitions, even after re-installing your Windows 7 and recovers data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array partitions. Disk partition tool is a powerful restoration engine performs deep drive scanning to retrieve deleted files from the disk partitions. It also used to recover deleted RAID partition if in case RAID partiton gets deleted due to several reasons. To know more about deleted RAID partition recovery, visit this page:

Partitions are the logical data storage units. After installing hard-drive on your computer, you must have to partition it before using the Windows 7 operating system. Multiple partitions are the better way to manage your data and files in an organized manner to access them easily. Partitions are generally hard disk space that you managed at your convenience to store data on your system.

Why partitions required after all?

  • To improve the accessibility and speed of the computer
  • To maintain data files consistent
  • To share or transfer data from one hard-disk drive to another
  • To make computer maintenance safe and fast
  • To keep frequently accessed file and folder near each other

When you take a backup, everybody do not know how restore their data. Now you can repair your computer with peace of mind all your priceless files are safe with you. Disk partition software restores your all files with just few clicks. Disk partition tools provide solution to startup repairing; this generally causes due to any missing and damaged system files that prevent from startup to your computer. Restores all files deleted or lost due to any power surge or accidental deletion to partition. Recuperate data that are missing due to virus infection and human errors.  For details regarding the recovery of data from Windows 8 partition, you can visit

In order to maximize the chances of salvaging your complete data stop using your computer immediately and do not overwrite on that partition repeatedly that may lead to data recovery impossible. Once you are aware of data deletion from any of your partition respond as soon as possible to safeguard data.

This program is able to get back files from different partitions such as ExFAT, FAT16, NTFS4 etc. that are missing from Windows 7 due to various known and unknown reasons. It is the perfect solution to regain missing hard disk drives that are lost due to power failure, improper system shutdown etc.

Steps to Restore Deleted Partition

Step1: Download and install the demo version of Data Restoration tool. Once you complete the installation, launch the tool. After this select "Recover Drives" option from main menu and later choose "Partition recovery" option right after choosing recover drives option.

Restoration of Windows 7 Partition - Main Screen

Figure-1: Main Screen

Step2:In this step, choose the partition that needs to be restored. Then click "Next" button to proceed. As soon as you choose the partition, software will begin the process of scanning.

Restoration of Windows 7 Partition - Selection Of Partition

Figure-2: Selection of Partition

Step3: Once the scanning process is completed, the recovered data can be viewed using "File Type View/ Data View" option. Use the "Smart Scan" to find more data if you are not able to find files. Then select "Preview" option to view rescued data.

Restoration of Windows 7 Partition
 - Preview Recoverd Partition Data

Figure-3: Preview Recovered Partition Data

Step4:Select the "Save Recovery Session" option to save the scanned information, If you are satisfied with the result obtained, you may wish to purchase license to restore all files.